Why not to Trust your Friends with Online Polls

Back in December I was tasked with creating an online poll, record the answers given, and then create an article around the data. Safe to say that things did not at all go to plan – other than the point that this article is at least 6 months late.

At time of this poll being created, there was a massive petition in the UK to ban the then Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump from the UK. The petition reached massive heights. I decided to work my poll around this and get feedback from people on whether they think he should be banned and if any action against Mr Trump should be taken. Naturally, things did not go the way I hoped they would.

I linked the survey on Facebook, so that my kind friends would assist me in getting data. This was my first mistake. Rule number one of having friends: don’t trust them. Instead of actually answering these questions genuinely, they instead decided to mess with my whole operation.

Things started off rather decently. It may be extreme to ban a person from an entire country based on what they say (free speech innit), however it is Donald Trump we’re on about.


Majority of people however agree that some form of official punishment must be made against Trump for his questionable comments about Muslims, Mexicans, and basically anyone who isn’t Donald Trump.


Continuing on from the last question, most people considered Trump’s comment as hate speech. Remember that this was only back from December, what would you think most people’s thoughts would be now after he won the GOP nomination?


When I finally asked people to write in their thoughts that’s when things started going south. I asked what people’s thoughts were on Trumps comments about banning Muslims from America. There were the expected answers such as “deplorable”, “ignorant”, and “it’s racist, plain and simple”. However, then came the satirists – at least I hope they were joking – ¬†of the world to turn what should’ve been a routine poll.



At this point I considered scrapping the poll, I couldn’t use many of these answers. Plus things just got worse.




However, I decided to keep the poll and work on a whole new angle. This is proof why you should never trust Facebook friends for assistance on a project, cause all you’ll get is pain and anguish. Hell, stay away from the internet in general, it is a dark and dangerous place where only the fools go to get genuine opinion.