Great Video Game Soundtracks – Vol. 3

Some more great soundtracks from video games, nothing more to say really…



I was about to put Halo’s fantastic theme, but then I remembered another great performance by Marty O’Donnell. Bungie’s next gen hit – that isn’t even out yet – has a beutifully crafted world and this soundtrack really brings it out. After the playing the beta I am totally convinced that Destiny is a Game of the Year contender. Also robots, you can go a robot.



I was rather surprised that this Half Life 2 mod had a soundtrack that was two and a half hours long in the first place, but it does and it is a damn good one. Ed Harrison’s work here sure is impressive and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him spring up in cinema or other video game soundtracks. Listen to the entire OST, each track is unique and brilliant, plus check out the mod which is free on steam and does not require HL2 to run.


The Last of Us

After finally getting a hold of this game, I must say I’ve never known the internet to be so right about a game. All the hype and praise for it left me rather skeptical as I always felt PlayStation fan-boys used The Last of Us for their boasting over the 360 fellas. Safe to say I was wrong. A beautiful and expertly crafted game that deserves all the praise in the world, and a very fitting soundtrack by Gustavo Santaolalla to go with it. Let’s hope they use him for the film, eh?


The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt

Yeah, ok, I may have already featured one of the Witcher games, and this is another game that isn’t even out yet. However, the tracks that have been released are too damn good to go unnoticed.


Grand Theft Auto V

Along with a rather good song lineup (personally I found it to be the weakest out of Vice City and IV, but it was still a good selection), GTAV also had am original score, and it was a good one. It reminded me very much of my favourite film, Drive, and a Scorsese film, which in my books is great.


Hotline Miami

Too many choices to chose from this game. The music used in Hotline Miami works perfectly, it really hammers home that sense of drug infused murder and eeriness, it’s flipping great. Hotline Miami 2 better also have a great soundtrack or I’ll… do nothing, I’m not much for doing anything to be frank.



Sod it, I’ll put one of the Halos in. Halo ODST was a surprising gem that at first looked rather bleak and samey, but that proved to be false as Halo ODST ended up being one of the best Halo games – behind Reach of course. It’s soundtrack was the most distinctive of them all, but the other games still had fabulous scores. This one though, it’s noir, game over.


It would be criminal to not have this near this list, even though I have never gotten into the series (heretic!) I can’t deny those sweet tunes:-


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