The Last of Us is getting a movie… oh great.


Since my last post – which was a long long time ago – I have finally been able to experience Naughty Dog’s award winning title The Last of Us. I loved the game like so many others before me and when I do get a PS4 I may even pick up the remastered edition. Now new news – literally a few minutes before I started writing this – has emerged and a film for the game will be made, and by the looks it will follow the same story as the game did. Why?

I don’t understand this fixation for people wanting a story that’s already been visualized be visualized again but with real people. I can understand it with books but with video games to have their stories mimicked onto the big screen baffles me. Sure there are those who don’t play games, but then why would TLOU film appeal to them? Those who are appealed to it have most likely played the game so I don’t understand the reasoning behind basing a film wholly on the game. If they were to perhaps set it in the same universe but follow different characters and different events, then sure, I can back that easily enough. The tale of Joel and Ellie has already been visualized, albeit in a different matter but it has still been put onto screen. A film of Joel and Ellie’s dreary adventure in the post apocalypse is just a big waste of time in my opinion.

However, these rumors that Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams will be playing as Ellie are not concrete and it’s not known if it will follow the story covered in the game; it could be a prequel or a sequel, either way would be welcoming as it tells a different story. Time will tell of course.


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