Mod Impressions – Iron Europe (for Mount and Blade Warband)


Finally a WW1 themed game(mod)! People always look at me weirdly when I say I would like a WW1 game, saying that it was boring and blahdy blahdy blah. But I’ve always thought that a WW1 game could be interesting, especially with large numbers. Well, some charitable modders decided to create their own mod for Mount and Blade Warband. I already loved M&B and the Napoleonic Wars expansion is one of my favourite multiplayer shooters – because I love muskets. It now looks like Iron Europe is going to take that seat now.

A small download and easy-to-use installation process made it easy to get going. Thankfully there were plenty of servers for this mod and to be honest, I was spoilt for choice. I choose a 200 capacity server – because why wouldn’t you – that was 3/4 full. Oh my…

I get really excited when I play a game like this and partake in a charge of 75 guys, and going straight towards a flurry of bullets made it even better. Getting killed isn’t a bad thing in this game because there is no XP or weapon unlocks, you just choose your unit and go gallivanting towards death.Image

One thing is really like about M&B (and more specifically this mod) is that many of the people in the community are history nuts, which is a very good thing. It’s always fascinating when in mid-battle a couple of guys conversing about events that happened in WW1. Because I feel like I’m just going to be kissing the modders’ feet, I will share with you a little adventure, with General von Hindenburg himself.

Ah the mighty German army, how spiffing they looked in their iconic lipped helmets. When choosing my “class”, I decided to take the empty general slot, turning me into the famous leader – and later President of Germany –  Hindenburg. It was rather comic as many of players, noticing my status, decided to follow me because I had a fancy sword. We flanked round the village where the main fighting was happening, and set up the machine guns to suppress the dirty French (I get a little crazy when I become a WW1 era general).

Hindenburg is not a patient man, as you know (or maybe he was, I don’t actually know if that’s accurate); so instead of loitering around he and another fellow decided to charge into the village. Hindenburg shot one Frenchie with his Mauser, before bleeding out on the floor. I’m very good at this game.

Hilariously enough, I switched to spectator mode to oversee the battle. I observed two German fellows building a little bunker on the outskirts of the village. These two German’s were then attacked by a Frenchie, in which a rather comic game of cat and mouse began. The Frenchie somehow managed to take one of the two Germans out, but the second was too accurate with his revolver. A rather comic fight, but now as I read what I just wrote, it doesn’t seem as funny (oh well enjoy the pictures).


General von Hindenburg with his fancy sword.

ImageThe Frenchie tries braking down the makeshift bunker.

ImageThe Bavarian Charge (a fake name I spontaneously came up with).

ImageThe MGs suppress the village.



“SACRE BLUE!” – Frenchie

ImageThis guy just sat down, and started to play some bloody Mozart. We were pretty much surrounded by the French.

ImageThat guy on the right must not like Mozart because he shot piano guy, shame.

Link to the mod:







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