The Elder Scrolls Online – Beta Impressions


Dear oh dear oh dear. Bethesda/ZeniMax, what were you thinking? Now, when I first heard of TES Online, I was rather disappointed because I wanted the singleplayer series to stay singleplayer. I’ve never been a big fan of MMOs, the only two I have ever liked were Star Wars Galaxies (because it was Star Wars) and Planetside 2 (because it was pretty much just sci-fi Battlefield, but bigger). TESO was another MMO that I did not enjoy. I only played it for about 3-4 hours – mainly because Virgin are lying arseholes who say they’re delivering 60mb/s when in fact most of the time I could only achieve 3Mb/s, making the download process longer than it had to be – but it felt like 8 days. I’m not going to go into details about what was going on, but the mechanics and the concepts that were shown off during the beta. Let’s look at the good points of this.

Yes I do realise that it was a beta, but please just let me have this one whinge. Image

The first major thing that I liked about the beta was its character creation. It wasn’t the greatest of all character creations, but it is the best out of the other TES games. Giving you the option for height, physique and voice were nice improvements added from Skyrim’s solid character creator. In short, it’s pretty much Skyrim’s editor with more options – except for hair, the dark elf did not have a great amount of good hairstyles. The second thing I liked was it’s graphics. For an MMO they’re pretty decent graphics. Even if they were used for a singleplayer game then I would still say they were above average graphics, which is a good thing.

However, TESO lacks any innovation what-so-ever. It doesn’t do anything to make it stand out from the many other MMOs available. Playing it I just wasn’t interested or excited in anyway about it, I was left rather bored and it then became a tedious task even playing it because of how dull and derivative it was. All ZeniMax seem to have done is created a generic MMO and slapped the Elder Scrolls logo on it, that’s it! It’s combat was just atrocious, I don’t care if that’s accepted for an MMO, I at least want decent combat for once. TESO says that it’s real-time, but all that means is that you have to click left mouse 50000 times before anything happens. It baffles and annoys me how crappy the combat is, nothing in the slightest that made me enjoy it. Even running and moving feels weird. It felt like I was using a restricted spectator camera rather than the first-person (third person view – like all TES games – just didn’t work) view of a badass swordsman.


I feel like I should talk more about it, mentioning this and that, but I have no idea how ZeniMax would feel about someone talking about how a beta for their MMO is bad. So instead I will recomend people to save their money and skip this one, because £6 a month – plus £40 for the game itself (and for you Xbone gamers, that means even more money down the drain) – it’s just not worth it. Go buy a good game, like Dark Souls II and enjoy Peter Serafinowicz’ orgasmic voice – pre-order it of course, tis not out yet sadly.


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