Crytek – The Douche-bags of the Video Game Industry


If you’re like me and you spend hours staring at a screen and then pop onto a normal video game website to check the latest video game news, you would have maybe seen Crytek being their regular selves. Take this CVG atrticle; Crytek out of the blue decide to “slam” Epic’s Unreal Engine becuase it’s not as good as CryEngine – oh boo hoo. This to me is unsurprising because Crytek are one of those really annoying companies that have never heard of the concept of modesty (and exciting gameplay). To describe Crytek’s poisonous attitude on the video game industry, I shall use a rather fitting metaphor or analogy or whatever you call it.

Picture this: A heavy-weight body builder, the type of cunt who goes to the gym every fucking day then posts his “abs” on Facebook for everyone to dribble over. This bastard loves to flaunt his body, showing off his “guns” and blah blah blah. However, this balloon animal has no personality or soul or anything, except a bunch of muscles. This is Crytek. Crytek love to show off their engine, “look at these graphics, look at those particle effects, look at these trees that look like trees, oh man we are the best game makers!”. However, let’s look at Crytek’s games: Crysis, Ryse and FarCry 1… ie tech-demos. The Crysis games looked damn good, visually they were pretty impressive. But my god the gameplay was so average and boring that I couldn’t be arsed completing one, thankfully 2 was ridiculously short. The problem with Crytek is their lust for pretty polygons and all that other crap (If David Cage was part of Crytek then I would make a petition for the US to blow-up Crytek, because it looks like you can have petitions for anything nowadays) instead of actually making a good game.


There are many examples of amazing games with “bad graphics”. Oh wait, no, they don’t have bad graphics, they’re just not photorealistic. Crytek needs to get it into their head that fancy visuals are not everything. Yes photorealism in games is a nice thing, impressive engines such as DICE’s Frostbite Engine is an engine which fully compensates a good series of games, CD Projekt’s Red Engine is one that is used for one of my favourite games ever; hell, Valve’s 80 year old Source Engine is still regarded as one of the best engines to date, and rightly so.

Now that’s not the only thing that boils my blood about Crytek. Let’s go back to that CVG article. One of the most popular engines used in the video game industry is the Unreal Engine, spanning to games actually made by Epic (Gears of War (a series which I liked)) to other big companies like Bioware (Mass Effect). It’s only until recently that Crytek have finally distributed to other devs (games like Star Citizen and Kingdom Come : Deliverance, both of which are crowd funded titles (which interest me admittedly). I don’t feel Crytek has the right to even consider “slamming” Epic, Epic have gone further than Crytek and they will continue to do so until Crytek realise that games don’t need to have 4k graphics, instead they need solid gameplay – which Crytek seems unable to do at the moment. I don’t like Crytek’s attitude, but I do like their engine. It’s damn impressive tech but so far nothing has released it’s full potential.


[Just a quick update, I’m scraping the Mass Effect series. After beating ME1 my save got corrupted and I really cannot be bothered doing everything all over again. I needed that ME1 save because I was testing how far the choices went – I wanted to see what happens when you don’t take anyone with you (I had to bring Wrex along, but Garrus and Tali got left behind on the Citadel). It was interesting but boring becuase of the lack of Garrus, so yeah, sorry :/ ]



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