My Most Anticapated Games of this Year (2014)


A new year means new games, but this year also proves to be the year of the new (sorry, current) generation. There are bucket loads of games that promise great things and other lovely things, here are my 5 most anticpated games that (hopefully) arrive this year:

The Witcher 3 : The Wild Hunt


The conclusion of CD Projekt’s fantasy series looks to be going out with a sonic boom. By far my most anticipated game of 2014, it looks like it’s goona be a good one. Check it out!:

Dark Souls 2


Another sequel! FromSoftware look to have quenched my fears for this title, making me wish I preordered the collectors edition sooner *goes to order one, “SOLD OUT”*…damn. Prepare to browse:

Mount and Blade II : Bannerlord


Another fantasy RPG sequel (how the hell am I gonna find the time to play these?). I loved Warband and the developers look to be keeping the same formula they used, but sorting it all out and making it 500x better. Hopefully it does get released later this year:

Star Citizen


Even though I made a post about how Star Citizen could be beaten by No Man’s Sky (, I have to admit that ST is the one for me. RSI look to be creating a monster of a game, and a game that already interested me – space exploration and sci-fi is always great (well…most of the time). Let’s hope my rig can run it:

Tom Clancy’s : The Division


The concept of the game had me sold. The engine had me sold. So far from what I’ve seen I’m sold. Take it, take my money, Ubisoft, that’s what you’re good at. I’m gonna have to get a PS4 for this, aren’t I?:



  1. There’s only two on this list I’m looking forward to; Dark Souls 2 and The Division. Never played The Witcher games and never heard of Mount and Blade.


    1. Witcher/Mount and Blade are two fantastic RPGs. Mount and Blade is one you’re going to have to try out (there is a demo for Warband) as that’s the best way to look at it. You can essentially do whatever you want, be a brigand, a bounty hunter, a mercenary, a lord or even a king. Plus with the large modding community (and easy mod installations) there’s so much more replayabiltity.


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