The Wednesday Whinge – Dark Souls


I have many sincere problems with ToHardware’s generic-dungeon-crawler-Skyrim-clone-whatsallthisJapanesecrap? Instead of actually evaluating the game properly, here’s a list of all the bad things about Dark Souls:

-Artificial difficulty

-Bad graphics, not CryEngine3 or Frostbite545

-Can’t kick (whaaat? wow!)

-No soundtrack, why is there no soundtrack!? I have to fight a boss to hear the music, bad game design!

-No microtransactions, how else am I supposed to beat the game!?

-Worst gaming community, no sense of humour, all of them bloody anime-fags and bronies.

-Bad faces (that’s actually a serious one, but it balanced out because of the helmets so all is good)

All in all I would give this piece of trash a justified 9.5/10. Bloody game’s broke, needs paid updates.



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