The Wednesday Whinge – The Last of Us

ImageThis new weekly series is a wee little thing where I whinge about a couple of games that are whinge worthy. They are obviously totally serous and blah blah blah. Hope this goes down well, because The Last of Us sure didn’t.

I’m very upset by the Last of Us. So upset that it angers me to even think of the words “The”, “Last”, “of” and “Us” in the same sentence. And here’s why the Last of Us annoys me:

It’s only on PS3.

Pros:      +Amazing game

               +One of the best games I’ve ever seen, I need to play it

Cons:     –Only on PS3

               Other people bar me have played it

               I haven’t played it

Score: A horrendous 10/10. C’mon Naughty Dog, are you even trying?



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