Nostalgia Hunter – Stronghold


“Good evening, sire. Your stronghold awaits you!”
So many memories. Stronghold, one of the best strategy/castle simulators ever – the latter because it holds a monopoly; I do not recall any other castle sims. It’s cheesy, cliché medieval accents (or typical Norfolk accents) and fun, creative building experience was fascinating to me in my early gaming days.
Even today it still blows me away. The titled “HD” edition of the game has the same dated graphics as the original, the only differences being it able to work properly on modern-day operating systems and an increased capacity on people on screen. Nonetheless it was worth the £4 and recently I’ve been having a good ol’ jolly time with it!

Stronghold is a game that surprisingly hasn’t dated that badly – compared to other games, especially my previous Nostalgia Hunter on Morrowind which has dated poorly. It may not have 1080p graphics and CryEngine mechanics, it’s simple because it’s a simple game that belonged in a simpler time. The only fault I’ve encountered in the “HD” version is that the HUD blurs oddly when the curser is not over it, but it’s not that noticeable.

Gameplay wise, it’s classic Stronghold: same entertaining castle builder and barbaric pixel slaughter. Personally, I prefer the original Stronghold over its sequel, Crusader, which did have a better multiplayer (I would imagine as no one seems to play Stronghold anymore, that or I’m an idiot and multiplayer doesn’t work) but the classic “siege” game mode ceases to exist in it. So there you have it. Looking for a retro RTS game or do you want to build an impressive castle ? Then Stronghold is the game for you.



  1. It is a shame they botched the later games, at least in my opinion.

    Though truth be told I always prefered Civilizations 2 or Age of Empires, so perhaps that is my bias speaking.


    1. I agree that the later games in the Crusader franchise were no where near as good as the original. Age of Empires is another classic, Civ 2 I’ve never played. It just depends on what you prefer. Stronghold had that creative which I preferred over AoE, but the latter does have all round better gameplay.


  2. Ah a beautifully made game! I remember playing this when I was 17, I made around 5 invasion maps and uploaded them onto Stronghold Heaven.

    I recently played it again up to the final level and its still a bit of a challenge.


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