Great Video Game Soundtracks


Inspired by my friend’s “Best of Film Music” post (his blog: would recommend), I felt that it would be a good start to the new year if I composed my own list of games that contained great soundtracks. I’ll make this a weekly thing, adding 7 game tracks each week. Enjoy.

Mass Effect 1

ImageThe reason why I am not combining the sci-fi trilogy’s score into one, is because of how different each score is in each game. All three have their own feel and theme to it, perfectly adding to the context in which the universe is in. In the first game – my personal favourite of the trio – the score amazingly adds to the feeling of exploration, discovery and mystery. A wonderful soundtrack for a wonderful game. Give this cracker a listen:

The Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion


 A classic. Oblivion’s “generic fantasy” theme and style is further reflected by another great soundtrack composed by Jeremy Soule, the man with the plan. Soule’s work in the previous installment of the series, Morrowind, brought forth an iconic -yet short- soundtrack. Thankfully Oblivion had a longer and more diverse score, suiting every moment from walking through fields, forests, caves and dungeons. Dem trumpets:

Crysis 2

Crysis-2-hd-wallpaper-_3Crysis 2 wasn’t really a great game, nor was it a great shooter. It’s graphics and engine was all it had going for it, that and a co-composed soundtrack from Hans Zimmer (doubt you’ve heard of him). Maybe it’s just me but I did enjoy Crysis’ score and it did liven up the dull combat and the sub-par plot. But hey, there’s a silver lining in this tech demo. Pew pew pew:

Super Meat Boy

supermbWhat a game and what a soundtrack. SMB is one of my all time favourites and it’s soundtrack is one of the many reasons why it is. It’s crazy, catchy and addictive, just like the game. Plus it’s the perfect score to have when you’re constantly dying over and over and over and over… Took me quite a bit of time to decide which track to use:

Total War: Shogun II

June 21st, 2010 @ 13:31:54

I have a rule: if it has samurai in it, it’s good. Shogun II has lots of samurai, also it’s one of the best strategy games out there, maybe even the best. It’s soundtrack appeals to me mainly because I have a love for Japanese history and this soundtrack is a rather great one. Good soundtrack to have when you decide to become a shogun. SHAMEFUR DISPRAY!:



Retro game themes are always great, but when orchestras do their own take on iconic themes, they can only be amazing. This specific cover is one which I particularly love. Wow, much soviet, such oppression:

Dark Souls


There are not enough words I can use to describe how…amazing the Dark Souls score is. All I can say is listen to them all. Listen to all of the tracks in the score, you will not regret it. Lik dis if u cry evrytim:


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