My DayZ Log : Day 2


Note: I decided to take a few screenshots of my own, but I only started taking them in the later parts of this day.

So I began to make my way to the infamous Chernogorsk. I went south, very south. The walk from the military base to the ghost city must have taken me about an hour, but it didn’t feel that long. Nonetheless I walked and walked. It’s weird; many people would think that doing nothing but walking for ages would be boring, but it was nothing of the sort. There was a strange tranquility traipsing through the pine woods and a unexplained sense of someone watching me from afar when I was crossing an open field. I sometimes came across a stray house, which when I searched it, had nothing much of value in it. After an hour of walking, I came to a village on the outskirts of Cherno. The first house I came to had its door open, which made me anxious to check it. Then, just as I entered the house I saw more houses with doors open and some still closed. Alarm bells rang in my head. An open door usually means that the place has been searched, a closed one not (unless the person who scavenged it is very careful). To see this mix of open and closed doors made me come to the conclusion that someone was here. So instead of looking through the houses, I creeped into the surrounding forest, always keeping an eye on the village. It was when I got some distance from the town that I saw another player running from house to house across the road. My paranoia was right after all, a player was there. He didn’t have much on him, if I confronted him he would’ve been friendly most likely, but I don’t like taking chances too often.


Then I arrive at Chernogorsk. From a distance I “admire” the grand scale of which I was not used to in this game. I see a few scattered zombies, standing alone near the grey concrete buildings. I make my way to a group of apartment blocks guarded be three zombies. My trusty fireaxe dealt with them no problem. I found myself continuously looking behind me, expecting that player from the village to charge up behind me, but there was nothing. The apartment blocks yielded nothing in them, yet when entering the emptied rooms, I felt that someone had gotten here first, but I’m pretty sure that the apartment blocks haven’t been given item drops yet (#alphaproblems). I then arrived at a hospital building. Here I imagined I would gather nice loot. But no, it had already been sweeped.

ImageWhen I was walking back down the stairs, I spied from one of the windows a player on the other end of the street. I watched him take on a zombie, which he killed, but then had to bandage himself up. Another moment of madness took me. Up until this point I had never used my M4, until now. I aimed down my sights, fired twice, and watched as the player fell dead. It was more curiosity than madness that made me kill him. I merely wondered if I could hit him from the distance I was at, turns out I did. Nonetheless I am a cold blooded a***hole who ruins everyone’s day. After the murder, I ventured further into the city. In the center I met another player. This time I didn’t kill him – but I did aim my gun at him. When he saw the fire power I was packing, he simply waved then we but silently agreed to go our separate ways. On my travels in the city I found something very peculiar. An empty rifle in the middle of the street.


As I wondered at the anomaly; nature called, making me depart from the server for a few moments. When I re-entered the server all of my gear was gone and I was plunged back into the beginning of the game. I’m not that mad to be frank, it is an alpha plus I do sort of deserve it because of my murders. C’est la DayZ…

I’ll still be playing DayZ, but this looks to be the end of the DayZ log. 

Here are a few more pictures which I took of Chernogorsk.


This zombie is going to get axed a question.

ImageTotally not a spooky street to the center of town.

ImageHey look, an empty first aid kit!

ImageGuess I’m going to have to build all this back together.







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