My DayZ log : Day 1


Doing something different today as at the moment I’m having the most exhilarating gaming experiences in my life. The newly released DayZ standalone alpha has had me hooked to it for a couple of days now. This log will be focusing on my most recent events, plus I will update it whenever I finish a session with my current character. Let’s get started.

Right, so after many failures and deaths, today I planned to correct my mistakes and do as good as I can. I start off on a shore with nothing but a torch, battery and the clothes on my back. I spend ages searching through all the houses near by where I spawned to find that they had already been searched. I walk out onto the main road of the small village to be encountered by another newly started player. “Friendly!” he screeches down the mic, he mustn’t have been older than 14 years old. I thought about teaming up with him, but this time I felt that I would go alone. “Yes, I won’t hurt you. Now leave me alone” he reply. He was quite surprised by the refusal, nonetheless he screeched once more, “farewell!”, before he ran into the woods. After counting the measly findings from the first village, I headed north to see if the next village will be more rewarding.


After a stroll up the hill, listening the birds tweet and tweet and the trees rustling in the wind, I came to the next village in my adventure. Again this one was not as rewarding as before, but I did acquire a nice orange raincoat. Oh, and I also met two Germans. After explaining that we were not threats to each other, we teamed up and together the three of us made out way to the next town, a larger more beneficial one. We killed a couple of zombies, I got a nice shiny fireaxe and a good number of supplies. However I had lost the two friendly Germans. Saddened by their departure, I wandered alone, northwards once more.

This time I came to one of the larger towns in the region. It was not touched by nasty scavengers so I was in for a treat. More supplies I got and nice new equipment too. Then I got my hands on an M4 rifle. However, it had no bullets so if I was to come across any other players I would have to threaten them with an empty gun. Taking down more zombies and acquiring more goodies, I pressed north again, to a large antenna/tower on a hill. Climbing the hill I finally reached the concrete wall surrounding it. Because I was afraid of any other players in the area, I crawled my way through the perimeter wall. There was only one other building in the area, one which I recalled contained good supplies compared to others. Steadily I eased my way into it, expecting to find another player prowling around amongst the loot. But no, there was no one there and the area was mine to explore.


After some time I felt it would be wise to move out and hope to find ammunition for my M4. Skipping through fields, galloping over fields and sweeping towns; I finally arrived at a military base. I was nervous, there were no zombies when there should have been many. I suspected that another player had reached it first, so I kept my guard up and readied my trusty fireaxe in case the worst was to happen. In fact it did. When entering the main building, an unsuspecting player was munching on an apple. I didn’t even stutter or attempt to make contact. I became a savage; I brought my fireaxe down on the helpless player and claimed the best of his gear for myself. Even now I regret killing that player. Yes he may have killed me, but I didn’t even try and be human, I murdered him without thinking, it was horrible. So that session ended with me brutally murdering a player, and finally acquiring bullets for my M4. I plan now to head back south, to Chernogorsk, the heavily populated city. Who knows, I might make some friends, enemies, or I could get killed just like the poor bastard in the military base, who knows…


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